First Friday Fundraiser a Success! (June 6th)

Work by Sharon Bloom.

Our First Friday silent auction fundraiser was a success!

Work by 14 talented local artists and craftspeople were up on the auction block and several hundred attendees strolled through the display, bidding on everything from wire-wrapped gemstone jewelry and lush photographs, expressive acrylics, and daring mixed media work. While snacking on gourmet treats and eyeballing original handiwork, eager art lovers learned about the Wooden Cow project and how their donations and energy helped.

Bid were penned quickly. Hopeful winners hovered around the silent bid sheets, hoping to secure their objects of desire. As the 8 pm closing rolled around, happy winners left Mama’s Minerals with their delightful spoils. A good bid-fest is always a great way to end a Friday night! We raised a nice chunk of funding for our project and we mingled with many interested (and interesting) people.

The silent auction event was held to raise funds for an artist-owned, artist-run gallery and art space, which plans to open its doors in the near future. The Wooden Cow, LLC is a vibrant, grassoots organization, which embraces all forms of art, craft, and creation, in a true democratic environment. The Wooden Cow wants to make Albuquerque an arts destination, not just an airport on the way to Santa Fe.

Many, many thanks go out to the owners of Mama’s Minerals ( local rock n’ bead shop) for hosting the fundraiser event. –

Many thanks go out to Heather Larson, for organizing and coordinating the fundraiser.

Many thanks to all of the great people we met that night, who took the time to drop by and get to know us!

Keep your eyes peeled for future fundraising events and shows…

… the cow is coming!

Enjoying the eclectic view.

A display of work available for bidding. Photography by Fenton Ayres. Beaded pouch by Cindy Chavez.

Yum! Look at that spread, including homemade cheesecakes by CiCi.

Have we piqued your interest? Even a little?

If you’re an artist or craftsperson who’s been seeking a solid, well-grounded organization to join, please contact us for more information at: We have two tiers of membership available (Full Members/Owners) and Consignors. There are only 4 ownership slots in the business left, so think fast if you’ve been dying to get involved in a co-operative project.


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