Saturday, June 7th Art Supply Yard Sale Fundraiser Recap

Saturday … June 7th, 2008

We had just held our first Silent Art Auction at Mama’s Mineral’s the night before; and it was a resounding success! For this fundraiser; we had chosen to hold a yard sale at Raine Klover’s house that featured art and craft supplies. Raine had graciously donated her time, talent, and house to organize and hold the event.

Kristin and I had stopped at Starbuck’s on our way to the event.. and boy am I glad we did. This place was jumpin’!

Raine had advertised the event to start at 9 am; but people were pounding the pavement at 7 am, eager to see what treasures lay ahead. And they weren’t wrong. There was everything an artist could hope for, and more. Canvas, frames, pencils, chalks, oils, yarn, wooden items, containers for altered art, cigar boxes in all shapes and sizes, fabric by the metric ton, even the coolest mannequin you ever laid your eyes on (Thanks, Regina !). You name it, we had it (all thanks to the generous donations from Wooden Cow members).

By 2 pm we had almost completely sold out our wares… so we packed it in for the day.

In the end, the sale generated a nice little chunk for the Wooden Cow Gallery and Art Space.

Many thanks to all the members who generously donated their treasures, as well as their time and efforts in this sale.

Plans are currently being made to hold another Art Supply Yard Sale, with more items from our wonderful members—so keep your eyes peeled!


–by Elaine Russell.


2 Responses

  1. Photo: “Nicole and her awesome mannequine.”
    Majorly cool purchase from the Art Sale

  2. i was just gonna say i think thats nicole! haha..

    she is so awesome!

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