Featured Artist Spotlight: Elaine Russell

Featured Artist Spotlight : Elaine Russell

Our November, 2008 First Friday Artscrawl event marks our first Dia De Los Muertos celebration. For this event, we have three featured artists: Elaine Russell (one of our co-owners), Vanessa Brown, and Sue Orchant. Read on to learn more about our highlighted artists–Elaine Russell!

Elaine Russell is mixed media artist and photographer who began taking photos when she was elected as the family photographer at the age of six. She received a degree in photography from the New York Institute and has shot professionally for weddings, portraits, advertising, pet studies, and magazines. In addition to photography, Elaine has become increasingly enamored with mixed media art and jewelry making. Her prayer beads have been sold worldwide for that past 15 years.

Elaine’s thought on Dia del Los Muertos:

“The Dia de Las Muertos festivals in Mexico, and in Mexican communities around the world, bespeak of the respect we have for those who have passed. Death is not to be viewed with fear, but with gratefulness and honor of a life well lived. To me — it is a joyous, colorful, reverent celebration.”

Work by Elaine Russell.


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