Go Red for Women!

Go Red for Women!

Go Red for Women

The Wooden Cow Gallery and Art Space is proud to join the American Heart Association (AHA)’s fight against heart disease by holding Wear Red Day on February 6. We encourage everyone to participate by wearing red and donating $5 to help the AHA raise women’s awareness of cardiovascular disease and empower women to reduce their risk.

We are proud to be joining the AHA and concerned companies and organizations across America in the fight against the #1 killer of women – as well as of men. Wear Red Day is a chance for us to arm ourselves with knowledge about this devastating disease and to raise funds that will help the AHA advance its research and education efforts.

Learn more about the national cause to increase awareness and help women reduce their risk of heart disease at GoRedForWomen.org.

As part of our participation in the program we will be having a raffle for a box of heart-related artwork!

Three ways to enter:

• Wear RED to our First Friday opening on February 6th!

• Donate $5 to the American Heart Association

• Fill out a registration card to sign up for more information regarding how to reduce YOUR risks of  heart disease!

We will also be handing out information to help you become better informed of the risk factors for heart disease and ways to improve your heart health.


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