Gearing Up For Classes

We are headed into our next season of classes at the Cow – and we have so many to offer it’s hard to give them all their due. One of our most prolific teachers is Rick May. Rick is a true master and a very cool guy – his art is amazing and watching him bring out the creative side of his students is equally awesome.  Watching some of the artistic journeys we’ve witnessed his students take has been very inspiring.  Rick teaches in a variety of mediums.  Check out his website to see some of his work and check out his classes here.

Artist Biography
rickbioRick was born in Maryland and currently resides in Albuquerque, NM

He has been an artist since the age of 12, when he composed his first oil painting of his pet Siamese cat, “Rajah.”

Rick is a 1975 graduate of Western Maryland College, Westminster, Maryland with a B.S. in Commercial Arts, as well as being a graduate of The Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he learned basic art courses such as Pencil Drawing, Pen and Ink among others. He now prides himself as being a multi-/mixed-media artist.

He has used his art and his teachings in almost every employment opportunity he has encountered. He has been an oil painter since the age of 12 and has over the past several years pursued other medias such as pastels and gourds mixed with polymer and paper clay to form artistic Kachina dolls and Native look-a-like pottery. He has sold his work in several Old Town Galleries as well as from his Web site: His acrylic work can be seen at Travel Centers of America here in Albuquerque where he produced a large three panel Montage of Albuquerque for the center.

Rick’s art has been recognized on many occasions, He was selected as one of the bicentennial mural artists for his college, to produce an enormous wall mural for the celebration of this country’s bicentennial in 1976. His love for designing logos won him the prestigious honor of having created Maryland’s Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) logo, and he has been honored with a number of First, Second and Third Place ribbons for his artwork at Virginia’s State Fair in past years

“Art communicates with my inner soul through my creative self expression as a Realist. I love to produce varied subject matter from reality to fantasy realism but in a believable way. Creating the 3 dimensional is my greatest challenge as its form is viewed from all angles. My work differs from others in its inventive uniqueness and the mixed medias to produce it. Others and I see my creative mind in my work, expressing itself in form, color and textures, whether real or fashioned. I am inspired by what I see in daily life and by my love for the Native American culture—its designs, colors and forms influence much of my current artwork”

“It is to this end, that I want to share my knowledge of good basic art skills with my students, so that they can release the inner artist from within…. to grow, create, experiment, and to soar above their wildest dreams…that they too can become an artist!”


Introduction to Pastels

Basic Drawing

Beginning Pen & Ink Drawing

Acrylics for Beginners

Advanced Pencil Drawing

Advanced Pen & Ink Drawing

Advanced Acrylics


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