Bruce McCollum discussing his work!

Napkin Art has been around almost as long as the cheap, disposable, fragile media has been in existence. Everything from Atom bombs to Zoology has found expression on its brilliant white surface. Since the creative effort takes place in a public space it is the ultimate in peoples art and stands beside performance art in its immediacy and transparency.


I began drawing in public spaces in 1999 to help get over the apprehension I had about people seeing my art. I found that the small squares of black & white delighted those that received them and often memorialized one or another event. I would hear that…”To-day is our anniversary” or “I just arrived in Albuquerque to-day.” So they sometimes became more than a simple piece of free art.


I drew in bars and restaurants and gave away hundreds of drawings over 11 years. I kept several hundred more. The ones I liked I scanned into Photoshop and colorized. Out of those I selected 100+ to make into digital prints, watercolors and Acrylic paintings. I have shown the paintings in some restaurants. This is my second formal showing, both at the Wooden Cow.


Bruce B. McCollum

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