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Artist Statement

I am an artist who enjoys weaving glass tapestries. My work is both elemental and intricate, as it starts simply with a needle and thread, then evolves with the addition of color and texture through thousands of tiny glass beads. Unlike other artistic venues, my art is tactile: it is meant to be worn, handled, touched.
I feel that the combination of natural elements and delicate glass instills a unique energy to each piece that I create. I use glass beads, small semi-precious stones, sterling silver and other basic metals, fresh-water pearls and Swarovski crystals in my work. When working with these materials, I strive to transform imagery into its tangible form – adding weight and texture to each “snapshot”.

Diva Necklace

Diva Necklace

I work in both on-loom and off-loom techniques, using a needle and fine line to secure my work. I enjoy the challenge of abstracting patterns that I notice every day – like the play of light on a glass block window or the shadows buried in steel grooves of an escalator. Between these challenges, my work focuses on a given technique in lieu of specific pattern, as illustrated in many of my metallic-finish cuffs. Looking forward, I am inspired to experiment more organic techniques to include free-form peyote and free-form netting and am on a never-ending quest to master the use of color.
My pieces are made from quality materials, from the beads to the stringing material, to the findings that secure the piece when worn. Each piece is designed to be unique in its own way – a small tendril of beads here, a bit of fringe there. It is my wish that you’ll enjoy its personality as much as I enjoyed discovering it.


I have been a craftsperson for as long as I can remember, and my journey began with quilts. After awhile, however, I realized it was the fabric that held me captivated with quilting – the variety of patterns and colors. Although I enjoyed combining bits of different fabrics to create my own concoction of color and movement, the process was lacking for me – my results lacked true texture. My craft then evolved to “crazy quilts” – embellished quilts that incorporated thicker threads, embroidered stitching, and an occasional charm or bead. And that’s where my beading journey began…

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