Clayworks – Opening Reception – June 5


From the humble, mud-like substance we have all seen and played with comes some of our most beautiful and lasting art. Pottery, jewelry, sculpture all have at their root the substance called clay. Join us in June as we invite artists from around New Mexico to indulge us with their best clay-based works of art! Our featured artists for this wonderful show are Annie Hooten, a polymer clay artist who specializes in whimsical jewelry and accessories, and Kathy Shiplet, a potter who creates beautiful and functional pieces including fountains, bowls, and plates.

Participating artists are:

Carol Kaleko, Phyllis Popp, Carla Estavane, Mario Quilles, Alexis Higganbotham, Julie D’Arcy, Kathryn Blackmun, Regina Portscheller, Rex Barron, Caroline Goodgion, Elana Schwartz, Amrit Khalsa, Jeni Sharp, Penne Roberts, Melanie Wegner and Marilyn McEvoy

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