Colored Pencil Society of America


You won’t believe your eyes!

The Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) is an organization dedicated to artists working with colored pencil. With 1600 members and representatives in 16 countries, see what these wizards in the local, New Mexico chapter can do with pencils, sharpeners and paper!

Participating artists are Corrine Armijo-Vialpando, Mike Austin, Melinda Beavers, Granville Chorn, Keith Coffee, Susan Cooper, Karen Fowble, Jean Gregg, Susie Heide, Ann Jeffries, Midge Tosten Kilgour, Les Lamkin, Betty Lehnus, Audrey Minard, Barbara Nahler, Silvia Nessi Del Frate, Nicholas Ng, Lee Nurry, Ben, Nurry, Patricia O’Brien, April Radbill, Jeffrey N. Stephenson, Evelyn Swank and Martin Vela.

Check out their website to see the kind of work that’s being done around the country with colored pencil.


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