The Artists of Trader Joe’s

The Artists of Trader Joe’s

Opening Reception • February 20 • 5pm to 8pm
Show Runs • February 18 – 28
Our Front Window!

Our Front Window!

From February 18th through February 28th The Wooden Cow Gallery and Art Space will run a unique show of artists living and working among us largely unnoticed. All of the artists in this show are employed at area Trader Joe’s Stores in a variety of capacities from baggers to clerks to executives. They create art in a variety of mediums ranging from jewelry to sculpture, from oil painting to decorative gourds. You will be amazed at the talent and artistic range hiding in one of our local retail outlets.

The Wooden Cow Gallery is proud to give the artists of Trader Joe’s an opportunity to exhibit their art to the public as a group for the first time. Be sure to drop by and discover the wealth of beautiful art and talent hidden among the people you deal with everyday!

Here’s a little about each artist that will be participating!

Corinne Alsman
Corinne explores “monochromatic color planes with ideals of surrealness.” She has been exhibiting her artwork for the past six years, with shows in Albuquerque and Los Angeles.
Susan Bogenschild
Susan has been working (on and off) with polymer clay since 1992. Her current work combines polymer clay and hand-felted beads.
Amy Boluna
Amy has been making art since she was little, and started painting in 2002. Her favorite kind of painting is “whatever I see in my head.”
Denver Dobbins
Denver is a self-proclaimed error to the Throne, wordsmith, general miscreant, and cunning linguist. He has two cats, lives a-lonely, and enjoys a strict diet of bacon, Mountain Dew, and mood stabilizers.
George Evans
George is an Albuquerque-based artist and Trader Joe’s eccentric.
Tobi Greenberg
Tobi has worked (happily) for Trader Joe’s for three years. She enjoys painting with watercolors because they are the only medium she has found that will fight back. She likes fruity drinks and umbrellas and thinks that writing about oneself in third person is weird. Yup.
Camilla S. Haneberg
From an elementary art school teacher in Cincinnati to a Trader Joe’s sign artist in Albuquerque. “My paintings,” says Camilla, “would be fabulous in your house. Let’s talk.”
Heather Hurd
Heather lives in Rio Rancho and likes Art. “He’s cool.”
Bruce Hyde
Bruce is a Midwest born and raised self-taught artist/sculptor. As a resolute dumpster diver, he incorporates recycled and found objects whenever possible into the animated, whimsical, and nonsensical pieces he creates. His pieces are colorful mixed media primarily made from rigid foam, paper mache, paper clay, and acrylic paint.
Nat Jefferson
Nat has been producing art of some sort ever since he can remember. He has never been influenced by any artist in particular. He simply puts “paint on a surface and if I don’t like it, I paint over it. I try not to think about it too much. Sometimes the pieces turn out looking OK and sometimes they don’t. Those that don’t are under the bed. These are a few that I selected from my collection. I hope you like them.”
Sean Keelan
Sean Keelan is a classically trained graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art. While at MICA, Mr. Keelan earned his Bachelor’s of Art in Painting and a Master’s of Art in Community Art. With years of experience painting landscapes throughout Maryland, Sean now applies his East Coast aesthetic to the southwest.
Suzanne Sandoval
Suzanne is a self-taught gourd artist who grew up in southern New Mexico. She was influenced by Mexican and Native Indian cultures during her travels through New Mexico and Colorado. Suzanne discovered gourds and gourd art while living in San Diego, then developed her own style through the natural beauty of gourd shapes and colors. She creates unique designs drawn from her experience of daily life, using pyrography, acrylics, leather stains, and beads.
Phill Snyder
Phill loves photography because “nature is a much better artist than I am.”
Chris Suttman
Chris began creating art as a contributing designer for her brother John’s jewelry company. She now designs and builds her own furniture, closely following the credo “form follows function.”
Evan Vincent
Evan, a graduate of the University of New Mexico, pursues art in a wide variety of media. Evan is a human animal who likes drawing and painting other animals and the natural world that surrounds us.
Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer began making jewelry more than 12 years ago and her work consists mainly of tiny Japanese seed beads, crystals, pearls, and semi-precious stones. She says working at Trader Joe’s is one of the most enjoyable jobs she’s ever had and she would like to thank her co-workers for “coming together and expressing themselves through their arts to make this event with The Wooden Cow Gallery a moment to remember.”
Chad Wiley
Chad’s art goes across the spectrum from fine art to animation. He expresses things he normally cannot express through his art.
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