The Artists of Trader Joes – Version 2.0

Opening Reception – February 5

Show Runs – February 3 – 27

The Wooden Cow welcomes back the Artists of Trader Joe’s!

These talented crews from our local Trader Joe’s will knock your socks off!

Paseo del Norte location
Amanda Bankerpainter – A New Mexico Native, Amanda was born and raised in Albuquerque and Corrales. She attended UNM and earned her BFA in Art and Animation in California. After three years in California as a freelance Storyboard Artist, Background Painter and Illustrator in the animation industry, she has returned to New Mexico. Amanda now to dedicates herself full time to oil painting and animal rights awareness.
Heather Hurdmixed media artist – Heather is 30 and lives in Rio Rancho.
George Evanspainter – Born and raised in New Mexico, I have been exposed to art from a very early age. I have drawn for most of my life, but only started painting in April of 2008. So far I am self taught, but I am currently taking courses at UNM in an effort to finish my degree in art education. After a stint with mental illness and alcoholism I developed a replacement addiction of creating art. It is my anodyne, and I hope this form of impassioned expression is as poignant and revealing to the viewer as it is for my subjects and I.  George’s website –
Nat Jeffersonpainter – My name is Nat Jefferson. I have been interested in art since a young age, and have tried to produce it whenever I felt the urge. I have a style that I have acquired over time. Bright colors, thick lines and somewhat of a street art influence. I hope you enjoy. Thanks.
Suzanne Sandovalgourd artist – Suzanne is a native New Mexico artist who has been creating for over 25 years.

Uptown location
Camilla S. Haneberg – painter – I’ve noticed as I’ve worked the sign art position at Trader Joes that there are many mishaps in any grocery store, one of which are various products that break upon contact with the cement floor.  The contents are splayed into beautiful organic shapes of colored liquid, bubbles, broken glass and sometimes cracked plastic.  Finding it too difficult to photograph the spills “in store” (because of the fast clean-up by fellow crewmembers), I have chosen my favorite… broken the products on my back porch, photographed them and painted them.

They represent the beauty that can show up in sometimes unlikely situations.

Katy Meehan – painter
Evan Vincent – painter
Davlena Scalesphotographer – Davlena enjoys traveling, sushi, hot tea, reading, research & photography 🙂
Jana Lee Aspin – glass artist- Jana Lee Aspin has lived in New Mexico most of her life. She has worked in several mediums, including fused glass, water color, acrylic, precious metal clay and photography. She’s part-owner of a local gallery and has a background in journalism and public relations, and is also a Realtor.
Levi Eleven – Levi dropped out of some very nice art schools and worked in graphic design the last six years. His website is
Chad Wiley – mixed media sculptor – I have studied graphic design, fine arts, and animation. I try to braid all those aspects together when I create.

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