Free Time: An Art Educators Group Show

What do art teachers do in their limited free time? They make art – and lots of it!! The Wooden Cow invites you to take a peek into the creative spirits of some of our talented local art teachers.

Participating Artists:

Carol ArmijoOil on Canvas – I work mostly in oil on canvas with several series continually being revisited. “Positively 4th Street” is the most recent series, which connects life-changing events and a spiritual voyage.

Sarita Gurung-BirkeyBatik artist – Sarita Gurung-Birkey was born in Singapore and moved to Pokhara, Nepal, at the age of 9. Sarita was selected as a UNESCO Fellow in 1976 and traveled to India where she became an apprentice to Asha, an artist in New Delhi. She became the only woman to be selected for membership by the artist’s association at Pokhara. Sarita’s work has been shown throughout the southwest.

Cyndy Bowramixed media

Cat Brooksgraphite

Daniela DeLucamixed media – Every day I see something new, beautiful, and inspiring in the rugged Placitas landscape. My paintings reflect the textured terrain that surrounds me. The ever-changing colors and images from nature are captured in my work. These vistas are Placitas’ gift to me.

Kelly Eckel printmaker

Sabrina Elevencolored pencil – My piece is about the impact of breast cancer on mothers. There is a sad poignancy to a disease that attacks women and, specifically, the organ women use to feed their children. I want to draw attention to this by using an image of a famous mother missing the breast she fed her son from.

Cinamon Gentryphotography – My artwork is an exploration of myself as a child of God, a mother, and a teacher. The combination of images that I use within my artwork portray how I view these very important roles in my life.

LaVerne Harpercollagraphs

Nancy Haysmixed media – Regarding her pieces – Treasure Belts – “These belts began as fabric collages as a way to use up my scraps of fabric. And then there were the beads, bits of coiled wire, buttons, charms, lost earrings, bottle caps, lace, ribbon, yarn, small treasures, and glitter that seemed to belong with the fabrics. Gathering up scraps and recombining them into wearable art has become one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Each belt took at least 25 to 30 hours to complete as all the embellishments were sewn on by hand. After these three belts and two others, I haven’t made much of a dent in my collection of scraps and treasures! Maybe curtains . .”

Vanessa Hoffmanillustration

Judy Johnsonillustration – I love to sketch during my free time–this is a painting/sketch of a woman that I saw in a New York City subway, perfectly calm, perfectly groomed golden hair in a French style, wearing a deep bluish purple dress. She was in stark contrast to the acrid yellows and graffiti-painted windows, the noise, and the lights. She seemed, however, to be at one with this world. It is a sketch that I hope to use for a larger painting.

Katie Johnsonmixed media sculpture – I make my artwork to exercise some idea or concept that will not leave me alone until it is formed into art of some kind. I try hard not to limit myself to one media, and instead enjoy combining various mediums together in my artwork.

Beth Kassayoils – I enjoy taking everyday objects, especially those grown or raised, as subjects in my art. As a painter and printmaker, I build up the surface of my images with textures by using glazes (on oil) or layers of ink (on prints). My goal is obtain a rich and varied image, endowed with the inner beauty of my subject.

Kris Kellersculpture

Dana Lappinbatik artist

Gwenyth Mabrymosaics – For me, making mosaics is like meditating. I almost always “go with the flow” while working and the moment I begin I am filled with joy. The first time I worked in this medium I knew “this was it.” It’s been five years now, and I still feel that way.

Gloria P. Marcottewatercolors

Gina Medinaoils

Pablo Medinamixed media – Because I was raised in Espanola, “Saints and Sinners” bar is a place I know very well. Going there and watching Super Bowls and the World Series–to eventually working there as a young adult. Plus, the best beer selection in the Valley!

David Minkusbook arts

Rebecca Morgan acrylics – “Then the angel . . . asked me, ‘What do you see?’ I answered, ‘I see a solid gold lampstand with a bowl . . . and seven lights . . . with seven channels . . . two olive trees by it, one on the right . . . the other on its left’ . . . ‘Do you not know what these are?’ ‘These are the two who are anointed to serve the Lord of all the earth.” Zechariah 4 NIV

Paula Nessscultpure

Suzannah Peffer acrylics

Denise Ruddpen and ink – Working on this piece was a meditative way to spend my free time. Every mark has a purpose, a place. I like to work with small, complex patterns . . . I find it surprisingly relaxing. This work can be seen as a whole, or in its parts–that is up to you.

Elaine Sisnerosacrylics – I am having fun experimenting with different tools in my paintings. I tend to jump mediums so I decided to bring them together. I am currently baking cakes and painting.

Jo Tabacchi

Rosy Ward – Gouache – I love to paint pictures of anything patterned and colorful. Even inanimate, mundane objects can look so exciting, and it’s fun to try to capture their spirit. 

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